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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heri Ya Siku Ya Kuzaliwa Wadau!

Toddy Ngoda
Angela Abayo
Flora Kilima
Lillian Kitunga

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vacancy Announcement

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP)
Vacancy Announcement

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) is a non-governmental organisation which advocates for a transformed Tanzanian society where there is gender equality, equity and social justice. The overall objective is building a transformative feminist social movement that is grounded in grassroots activism and the growth process capable of engaging, challenging and claiming changes in policies, institutional structures and processes at all levels for social transformation and women’s empowerment. TGNP’s main strategies are catalyzing transformative feminist action research and analysis, collective organizing and movement building, policy analysis and engagement, information, knowledge generation and dissemination, and resource mobilization for sustainability.

TGNP seeks to recruit suitable and qualified candidates for the vacant positions listed below. For all posts, we are looking for persons with: a) commitment to gender, women empowerment, social justice and human rights issues, b) commitment to team work and participatory approaches, motivation with strong interpersonal relations and able to work independently, c) strong analytical and writing skills.

The advertised posts carry an attractive salary with fringe benefits.

TGNP is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified women and men who are Tanzanian citizens.

1.     Administrative  Officer (2 positions)

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of providing management and administrative support to the Executive Director and the organization.

Key Qualifications and experience:
§  A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Administration/ Human Resources Management with relevant working experience of one year or above

Key Competencies:
§  Strong written and verbal communication skills with a keen sense of attention to detail.
§  Multi-tasking abilities coupled with a positive attitude and discretion is essential.
§  Financial literacy especially in budgeting and expenditure monitoring.
§  Computer proficiency in word, PowerPoint, excel, ms access, e-mail, internet and social media.
§  Readiness to work in feminist ideology.

2.     Systems Administrator and Data Management

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of providing technical support to all Programmes on strategic use of ICTs for facilitating programme implementation and movement building. Have also responsibilities for overseeing maintenance of the TGNP hardware and software to keep the internal and external networks and all computer workstations operational with minimum disruption to the flow of work.

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology
 Or equivalent from recognized institution
·       Minimum of five years relevant working experience.

Key Competencies:
·       Competency in programming skills especially with PHP and JavaScript
·       Knowledge in Relational database management systems especially My SQL and MS SQL server is required
·       Knowledge in Servers administration including windows server 2008  and mail exchange server 2010
·       Good communications skills
·       Teamwork spirit
·       Honesty – Integrity.

3.     Assistant Accountants (2)

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of accounts book keeping, management of organizations own income, Preparation of periodic reports, monitoring income and expenditures, pre- audit and maintenance of debtors and creditors.

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy/ Finance or equivalent from a recognized institution
·       At least three years working experiences;

Key Competencies:
·       Knowledge of/and application of accounting packages.
·       Ability to prepare reports and budget.
·       Good communications skills
·       Teamwork spirit
·       Honesty – Integrity.

4.     Procurement/Logistics Officer

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of providing support to other TGNP Organizations by carrying out procurement and logistics functions using procurement procedures in order to improve the organization’s performance.

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement or Materials Management or equivalent.
·       Holder of CPSP (T) an added advantage.
·       Registered with the Procurement and Supplies, Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB).
·       Minimum of Three (3) years of working experience in the field of Procurement and Logistics.

Key Competencies:
·       Ability to plan, organize and control the procurement activities and overall objectives of the organization.
·       Ability to apply scientific and procurement principles to solve procurement professional problems and advice the organization accordingly.
·       Tact and diplomacy to express procurement matters.
·       Ability to prepare reports, tender documents and budget.
·       Honesty and integrity

5.     Stores Officer
Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of coordinating stock, documenting stores transactions, maintaining records and overseeing proper storage of goods in the store. He/she is also a custodian of stores with roles of facilitating understanding of procurement procedures that attract competition, transparency and value for money as per PP Act and TGNP procurement policy

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management.
·       Minimum of 2 years relevant experience in a busy organization.

Key Competencies:
·       Knowledge of national regulations relating to procurement.
·       Good communication skills with ability to perform simple mathematical calculations.
·       Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
·       Computer literacy.
·       Team work spirit.
·       Honesty and integrity.

6.     Senior Research Analyst

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of supporting and conducting transformative feminist analysis and research, including participatory action research which is grounded locally and enhancing analysis and research capacities of the organization overall and partner organizations. Contributes to the advancement of advocacy and activism, transformative feminist theory and movement building campaign.

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       MA in Social Sciences with substantive analysis and research experience in feminist/gender relevant areas.
·       Minimum of 3 years work experience in gender/feminist analysis and research, activism and advocacy, including experience in activist organizations/networks.

Key Competencies:
·       Strong analytical, research writing and statistical skills.
·       Knowledge of policy/budget framework.
·       Knowledge of gender/feminist theory & methodology.
·       Knowledge of participatory action research (animation) philosophy and methodology.

7.     Senior Publications officer

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities for provision of technical expertise for the implementation of publications production, dissemination, marketing, and documentation.

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Masters Degree in Social Sciences with specialization in information communication/media/Publishing or equivalent.
·       At least 3 years experience in creative writing, editing, translation, publishing and marketing.

Key Competencies:
·       Ability to write and edit a wide range of materials, for a variety of target audiences.
·        Highly organized, detail-oriented and team-player who has the ability to manage outsourced work.
·        Advanced knowledge of desktop publishing & creative designing and productions of information related products.
·       Demonstrable excellent verbal and written communications skills.

8.     Communication Specialists

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities of coordinating engagement with both mainstream and alternative media (online social media and infotainments). 

Key Qualifications and experience:
·       Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with specialization in Mass Communication /Journalism /Information or equivalent 
·       A Minimum of two (2) years working experience in Journalism/Communication.

Key Competencies:
  • Communication and public speaking
  • Public relations
  • Writing and editing.
·       Editing and publishing.
·       Knowledge of video production and digital photography.
·       Experience in writing radio scripts and producing Radio and TV programs
·       Competency in internet journalism and social media.
  • Desktop publishing.
  • Gender, participatory methodology (animation) and facilitation.
  • Creative writing.
  • Media advocacy/ campaign.

9.     Library and information services Officer

Responsibilities: Has overall responsibilities for effective management of library services by ensuring proper use and access to information to facilitate Transformative Feminist Movement Building (TFMB) and other gender, development and democracy issues.

Key Qualifications and experience:
  • Bachelors Degree in Library/Document & information Science/ Records and Archives Management from recognized institution.
  • Minimum of  3 years working experience in information management & service delivery.

Key Competencies:
  • Competence in database management systems, computerized library management systems, computerized document management systems, content management systems for website and other knowledge management systems.
  • Ability to develop and implement Library and Information policies and procedures.
  • Ability to develop and manage convenient, accessible library information services.
  • Teamwork spirit.
  • Time management.
  • Gender awareness

All applications supported by CV, a statement of not more than three pages on your experience related to the job you are seeking, and why you want to work in this position; two writing samples of up to five pages each; two reference letters and supporting documents to be submitted within two weeks from date of first appearance of this advertisement. The organisation is an equal opportunity employer. Women and the young people are highly encouraged to apply.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Executive Director,
Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP),
P.O. Box 8921,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
E Mail:  

Note: Only short listed applicants will be contacted.
For more information about TGNP visit our website

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tume Ya Katiba: Tamko La Kituo Cha Haki Za Kibinadamu

Ndugu wanahabari na wananchi kwa ujumla,
Kituo cha Sheria na Haki za Binadamu tumefuatilia kwa makini sana mchakato wa Katiba mpya kuanzia ulipoanza mpaka hapa ulipofikia.

Sote tunafahamu kwamba hatua iliyofikiwa kwa sasa ni kuteuliwa na kuapishwa kwa wajumbe wa tume ya kukusanya maoni juu ya mchakato mzima wa Katiba mpya na namna ambavyo wananchi wangependa iwe.

Tunependa kupompongeza sana Mheshimiwa Rais na Serikali kupitia wizara ya Katiba na Sheria kwa hatua iliyofikiwa mpaka sasa kwenye mchakato mzima.

Tunatoa pongezi kwa uteuzi wajumbe wengi waliobobea katika fani mbalimbali za Sheria, Siasa na Masuala ya kijamii. Tumefurahi kuona kuwa Mheshimiwa Rais amemteua kuwa mwenyekiti wa Tume Jaji Joseph Sinde Warioba ambae tulishaona kazi yake nzuri hususan pale alipoongoza vizuri tume ya Rais iliyohusu masuala ya Rushwa. Tuna imani kuwa ataongoza tume hii kufanya kazi nzuri. 

Wajumbe wa Tume hii ni 32 (akiwemo mwenyekiti na makamu) waliapishwa tarehe 13/04/2012.

Wajumbe hao ni kama ifuatavyo;
Mwenyekiti wa Tume ambaye ni Jaji Sinde Warioba na Makamu Mwenyekiti Jaji Mkuu Mstaafu Agustino Ramadhani.Wajumbe wa tume toka Tanzania Bara ni Prof. Mwesiga L. Baregu, Nd. Riziki Shahari Mngwali, Dr. Edmund Adrian Sengodo Mvungi, Nd. Richard Shadrack Lyimo, Nd. John J. Nkolo, Alhaj Said El- Maamry, Nd. Jesca Sydney Mkuchu, Prof. Palamagamba J. Kabudi, Nd. Humphrey Polepole, Nd. Yahya Msulwa, Nd. Esther P. Mkwizu, Nd. Maria Malingumu Kashonda, Mhe. Al-Shaymaa J. Kwegyir (Mb), Nd. Mwantumu Jasmine Malale Na Nd. Joseph Butiku. 2

Wajumbe wengine 15 ni kutoka Tanzania Zanzibar. Wajumbe hao ni Dkt. Salim Ahmed Salim, Nd. Fatma Said Ali, Nd. Omar Sheha Mussa, Mhe. Raya Suleiman Hamad, Nd. Awadh Ali Said, Nd. Ussi Khamis Haji, Nd. Salma Maoulidi, Nd. Nassor Khamis Mohammed, Nd. Simai Mohamed Said, Nd. Muhammed Yussuf Mshamba, Nd. Kibibi Mwinyi Hassan, Nd. Suleiman Omar Ali, Nd. Salama Kombo Ahmed, Nd. Abubakar Mohammed Ali na Nd. Ally Abdullah Ally Saleh.

Mapungufu tunayoyaona;
Kituo cha Sheria na Haki za Binadamu tunaona mapungufu makubwa mawili kwa tume hii

i) Kuwemo kwa mbunge na mjumbe wa baraza la wawakilishi
ii) Uwakilishi finyu wa kijinsia na makundi mengine mfano vijana

Wawakilishi kuwa wajumbe
Kituo hakikubaliani kabisa na uteuzi wa wakilishi wa wananchi (Mbunge na Mjumbe wa Baraza la wawakilishi). Wajumbe hawa ni Mhe. Al-Shaymaa J. Kwegyir (Mb) Tanzania Bara na Raya Suleiman Hamada mwakilishi Baraza la Wawakilishi Zanzibar.

Sababu kubwa za kutokukubaliana na uteuzi wa wajumbe hawa ni kuwa kwanza, hawa watashiriki kama wajumbe wa Bunge Maalumu la Katiba (constituent assembly) kwa hiyo kuna ‘mgongano ulio dhahiri wa kimaslahi’. (kwa mujibu wa vifungu cha 6 na 22 (1) (a) na (b) vya sheria Namba 8 ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba, 2011)

Pili wananchi wanaowawakilisha watanyimwa haki yao ya kuwakilishwa kwa kipindi chote cha miezi 18 mpaka ishirini ambacho tume itafanya kazi kwa mujibu wa sheria.

Tatu, kuna majina mengi ambayo mheshimiwa Rais alipelekewa yenye sifa za kutosha angeweza kuwateua. Kulimbikiza kazi nyingi kwa watu wale wale si afya kwa demokrasia.

Uwakilishi finyu wa kijinsia na makundi mengine
Katika tume hii tumeona kuna uwakilishi finyu sana wa makundi kwa mfano wanawake wako 10 kati ya 32, yaani sawa na asilimia 27% tu! Tungetegemea asilimia 50% kwa 50% kwani Tanzania imesaini na kuridhia mkataba wa nyongeza wa maendeleo ya kijinsia kusini mwa Afrika yaani SADC Gender Protocol. Pia 3

Tanzania ina asilimia ya 51 ya idadi ya wanawake ambao miongoni mwao wengi wana utaalamu na sifa za kuteuliwa kuwa wajumbe wa Tume.

I) Tunapenda kutoa wito kwa serikali kuwa mchakato wa Katiba ni wa muhimu sana hautakiwi kuchukuliwa kwa wepesi. Mchakato huu unajenga mustakabali wa Taifa letu kwa miaka mingi ijayo. Hivyo katika maamuzi yote yanayochukuliwa, kuwe na jicho la HAKI ZA BINADAMU na utawala wa sheria.

II) Pia tunapenda kutoa wito kwa WANANCHI wote wa Tanzania, mijini na vijijini, wakulima, wafanyakazi na wafanyabiashara, TUSHIRIKI kwenye mchakato huu. Tunawasihi kuwa Tume ya Katiba itakapokuja kwenye maeneo yetu tuhudhurie mikutano yote na kutoa maoni yetu juu ya Katiba Mpya.

Wananchi katika makundi au mtu mmojamoja anaweza kupeleka maoni ya maandishi kwenye tume mara anuani itakapojulishwa kwa wananchi.

III) Mwisho tunatoa wito kwa tume kuhakikisha watu wote wanatoa maoni yao bila ubaguzi. Makundi yote ya jamii yafikiwe (Wanawake, wanaume, watu wenye ulemavu na watoto wenye umri wa kutoa maoni).

Asanteni kwa kunisikiliza, 

Dr. Helen Kijo-Bisimba
Mkurugenzi mtendaji- LHRC